Thinking about starting a new business?  Want to take some of the uncertainty out of the decision?

Discover if you have the 

Thinking Patterns of Success

with the Entrepreneur Profil
& Online Course

This is what you will find out

How your thinking patterns compare to Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs AND people who were Bankrupted by their business venture

Your Talents 

We show you all the thinking patterns that you share with people who built a business from scratch and sold it for between  $6 Million - $1.2 Billion

Your Blindspots

We make sure you know about any thinking patterns that you share with people who were Bankrupted by their business venture

What You'll Get

Proven Mental Strategies

How do the highest-achieving people succeed?  This e-learning will answer this with real scientific research.  This is the end of books and podcasts on the millionaire mindset and the moment when you are handed the Keys to the Kingdom!

Patterns You Need to Change

Entrepreneurs are NOT Born, they are made.   The secret is how you think, and what motivates you.  If you don't have this and you want it, this course is your chance to find out what the gap is and exactly how to change your thinking!

Precision Results

For every pattern, you will see exactly where you fall in a Green, Orange and Red Zone.    Your results are easy to understand with the interactive format of the elearning.

What this is Not...

This is NOT a personality profile.  The thinking, motivation and attitude patterns that are measured develop from experience.  Discovering your 'Blindspots' is all about knowing what you need to be aware of, change, or balance out with help from others.

Discovering these patterns is not an excuse to be disappointed in yourself, it is an opportunity to 'stand on the shoulders of giants'.  People who have completed this program describe feeling more confident in their own abilities, procrastinating less and changing some of their worst mental habits.

If you wonder 'Am I getting in the way of my own success?' this Profile and Course will answer that question with Cognitive Science and high quality research.   It will help you know exactly where to focus your efforts to create a mindset of success.

What You'll Learn 

You will take a 20 min survey and receive a Personalised Profile Report .

Across 15 lessons about the thinking and motivation patterns you will discover:


Do you move fast enough?  


Have you got the right balance between the motivation to create something great and the motivation to prevent something bad happening?


How do you make decisions?  What influences your decisions the most?


Do you like working with money as much as you need to?  Do you see opportunities to make money?


When it comes down to the level of tasks, how much time do you spend thinking, planning and doing?  Are you spending too much time on the wrong thing...


What is your appetite for change? Is it not enough to respond to the market, or too much for business stability?


How confident are you in your own thinking? How much are you influenced by the opinions of others?


How much do you enjoy being in charge?

16 Interactive Lessons, each on a different group of thinking patterns:

Your Results and How they are Relevant to Business

You will be able to see your results for the KEY patterns and capture this in the MAP to Success for your stage of business:

Across each lesson, you will discover how your results are relevant to: 

  • Profitability and longevity of a business
  • Successful funding events
  • Success for Start-up (first 5 years)
  • Success for Medium - Long-term Busiensses (over 5 years)
  • Successful sale and exit of a business

What People said about 
The Entrepreneur Inner Game


The most significant thing I have learnt in the course are the positive attributes I have to contribute to an existing/new business and how I can improve the negatives.

It is well worth doing the course before you take off on a new venture... then you can get the maximum enjoyment and financial benefits from your business in the beginning.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone starting out who just can't get their feet off the ground, and also for current business owners who want to expand.  It will give you all the insight on how to make this happen!


So there's stuff in your life you know that you know and there's stuff in your life you know that you don't know.

What the course opened up for me was the realisation of the stuff I didn't know that I didn't know about myself.

I really got to the root of what slows me down and I have to say my procrastination has been sidelined!

Great course, great value and well recommended!


When I joined the program, I was hoping for/expecting to find out what may be hindering my ability to move forward in my business.  At the end of the program, I have gained knowledge about what my strengths I have that those successful entrepreneurs and business owners also have.  Well worth the investment.

I've done more in my business in the last 2 months that I have in the last 12 months combined.  I've realised there are certain resources that I need to ask of others, and some things that I am amazing at when working for someone else that are actually holding me back in my business.

Uncover the Unknown 

Discover the thinking patterns and styles that are running your daily business life, are you getting in the way of your own success?

The Recipe 

Learn the thinking patterns that successful entrepreneurs ALL have in common and how to access them for your self! 

The Advantage 

Learn about the how  understanding your patterns will give you the 'edge'.

Free Resources:

Opt-in to receive emails  that will pace you to  complete the course over 30 days 

Coaching Tips to strengthen Patterns that you need to increase

Your Personal Report is also a Workbook you can type in to capture your learning


In the past, to discover your Talents and Blindspots using this profile required a 2-hour Individual Meeting with a Coach for $1,000.

Then we worked out how to do it in a group for $500.

Now we have made it available to everyone in a self-paced format and it's available for 12 months from the date of purchase

for only  $47 (one-off payment) 

We know that The Entrepreneur Inner Game E-learning is the course to help you take the mystery out of how you need to BE to succeed.

We are so confident that if you go through the course and feel that you don't get any value, you don't get a single '
a-ha', then we don't deserve to keep your money.

Just email our team and they will promptly issue a refund

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